• Image of Fam Bam Bubbabushkas
  • Image of Fam Bam Bubbabushkas
  • Image of Fam Bam Bubbabushkas
  • Image of Fam Bam Bubbabushkas

The Fam Bam Bubbabushka set is the perfect gift to honour your family in one of the most unique and cutest ways! Every family is hand painted with love while paying attention to the tiniest details, whether it's a lace dress your daughter refuses to change out of or golden highlights in your partners hairdo, the likeness is uncanny!

The set includes 5 dolls, so I can accommodate up to 5 people in your Fam Bam! And pets are family too if you want to include a furry one! Everyone included but still not sure what to do with the last doll? All good! Options for the family name or an intricate love heart are welcome!

Faces are left unpainted to show the beautiful woodgrain underneath.

// o r d e r i n g //

Package options are as follows

Matchy Matchy ( Everyone is wearing the same colour outfit with minor changes e.g.: shirt, dress, collar, etc. The overall effect is more minimal and has a cartoon feel )

Different but Same ( You can choose up to 2 colours to alternate between dolls e.g.: Black outfits for adults, white outfits for kids. Still on the minimal side, but with the point of difference of added patterns through colour )

Unique Individuals ( Every single one of your family members are unique, including their fashion sense, so every doll is painted to represent just that! e.g.: leather jacket for dad, pattern dress for mum, logo tshirt for son, leopard print for daughter, etc. This is the absolute package! Think highlights in the hair, that necklace you're always wearing, the flower crown on your childs head, the tiniest details are involved in this upgrade.)

Once you have placed an order I will send you an email to begin the collaboration process which includes photos of your family with desired outfits, or as closely described as possible. If you have chosen either of the first 2 packages listed it's just a matter of choosing which details go on which person. (You have the option to collaborate through Instagram direct messaging)

// c o l o u r s //

In order from left to right in last image

raw (unpainted)
snow white
wolf grey
midnight black
lovely lilac
peachy baby
blue bayou
bashful blush
mint to be
stunning silver
glam gold
brown bear
mighty mustard

If you have chosen the most upgraded package I will source the colours to match the outfits.

// n o t e //

These are sanded and hand painted with love. Please play with care and any wood grain patterns are natural and random.

// w a r n i n g //

This is a display product for your pretty shelves and can be used with delicate handling. The smaller parts can be a choking hazard to children aged 3 and under.

// d e l i v e r y //

This is a made to order listing so please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be completed and 1-2 weeks for shipping within Australia, 2-3 weeks worldwide. You will be notified by email with a tracking number once your order has been shipped. All orders will arrive in a tough padded bag with tracking via AusPost.

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