Welcome to kawaii pie! This is the place to be to find the highest quality toys to adorn your rooms and sit on your shelves, whether it be in your precious baby's nursery, kids playroom or you have a penchant for pastel pretties hanging in your living room!

Every character and toy is imagined and painted to life in my humble home in Melbourne, and with every purchase you not only help support local, but the crazy life I have of being a working stay at home mum to raise my baby girl Aurora, the very reason I started this business.

So thank you for supporting kawaii pie, home of kawaii peices for your cutiepies!


Who the frick are you?

I'm Dainslie, a wife, new mummy and working from home.

All the painting, drawing, creating, emailing, instagram posting, photo taking, sanding, sealing, packing, posting, address labelling and anything else you could think of that runs this business is run by me .. Usually late into the night with marathons of dvds and breaks of playing ps4.

I have an amazing support system though to help me run things such as family and friends who babysit.

Ka what? How do I pronounce the name?

Say Hawaii. Now say it as if you've replaced the 'H'. Now say that and add pie, hey presto!

What does kawaii pie mean?

Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute and has a huge pop culture following and references linked to the theme. My work is heavily inspired by the Kawaii world.

Pie, well who doesn't love pie? Perfect for sharing and everyone gets a piece!

Put the two words together and you get my word play on cutie pie... Ever wonder why I sign off every post with Stay tuned and stay sweet cutiepies? 

How did you start?

With no clue, pregnant and sitting in bed wanting to do something while I was off work. One of the best things that Aurora did for me before she was even born was to embrace the unknown and go for it because I wanted to, as my wish for her was to do whatever she wanted, why should I be any different?

What's kawaii pie's brand philosophy?

To provide a piece of kawaii pie to be enjoyed by your cutiepies!